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Naxian Portara

Naxos most famous attraction

Temple of Apollo-Portara, well-known and unique in the world, continues to be even today a mesmerizing and unsolved mystery, sorrounded by legends and myths. It is a great marble door that rises on top of Isle Palatia, which connects with Naxos town, and is the most-captured spot on this beautiful island, a favorite stop for tourists to enjoy the sunset.

It is the first sight any traveler sees once they reach Naxos on boat and one they will never forget upon leaving. Impressive for both its size and structure, it seemingly stands eternally, leading everywhere and nowhere at the same time. An enigma, a door that perplaxes scientists, archeologists, and visitors alike about its meaning or role.

Naxos "giants"

Or Kouros

The well-known Kouroi, the impressive sculptures of the island, are an important attraction for its visitors. They are found in three locations: the bigger one near Apollonas, and the other two in Melanes and Flerio. Naxian Kouroi are incomplete, that's why they are still in the locations where they began to be sculpted.

Cave of Zas

The unique natural attraction of Naxos

Are you in the mood for... exploring? Then you should visit one of the most important monuments of rural Naxos, the cave of Zas in Filoti village. The cave is located 600 m high, and is dedicated to Zeus and adorned with stalagmites. To reach the cave you should begin from Filoti, and follow the signs from there.

The impressive Castle in Naxos Town

The Castle

Naxos Town is one of the most notable medieval castetowns of our country. The Caste that stands in the Town was built in 13th century A.D. by Marco Sanudo, a Venetian who colonized the island. Today, it mostly consists of manor houses that Venetian descendants live in. In its alleys there are little shops of every kind, taverns, and quaint cafés.

Countless beaches to discover

From Agia Anna, Plaka and Mikri Bigla, to the remote beaches of Aliko and Agiassos.

The beaches of Naxos are so many, that we can hardly choose a favorite. The topology and expanse of the island create numerous beaches, either small or bigger, some of them organized and others not. Although a very popular tourist spot, Naxos is big enough to accomodate the big flow of visitors without losing its character.

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